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Welcome to Ms Song's Science Class!!!!

6th Graders :Welcome Back!
Visit the class website link in Aeries to access our class resources! 
What do I need for science online?
1. Positive attitude! We are in for an interesting year so staying positive and doing our best every day will be a requirement! 
2. Computer or Chromebook with camera - We will conduct class via Teams and use OneNote to stay organized! These can be downloaded or you can use them in the web browser. Visit to find the "Teams" button. (How to Access and Navigate Teams!)
3. Basic supplies - Writing utensils, loose leaf paper or a notebook, ruler, calculator. We will do some things off screen then you will be able to upload an image to your digital OneNote notebook.
4. 3-ring binder - This will be needed once we return to school, but you may want to use it early if you decide to print things out. 
5. Random "junk" - We will complete some engineering and design projects throughout the year and having access to random "junk" around the house is helpful. More to come on this as we get closer to the projects :) Cardboard, straws, bottle caps, and hot glue or tape are usually some essentials. 
You may find these helpful...but they are not required :) 
1. A second monitor or device - This will allow you to see everything that is in the screen for teams also also have your notebook or another window open at the same time. You can also split your screen to achieve the same thing, but the view will be smaller. We will practice "screen splitting" during week 1. 
2. A quiet work space - I know you may not be able to have a dedicated work space, but try to find somewhere with as few distractions as possible! Also, headphones can help reduce distractions! 
3. A draw tablet - We will draw many models in science and its sometimes helpful if you have a draw tablet. If you do not have a draw tablet or touch screen, do not worry! You are also welcome to draw models out on a separate sheet of paper and upload the image to your digital notebook. :) 
4. Printer - This is personal preference. I will always have digital versions, but you have the option to print out assignments, complete them on paper, then upload images. 
Teacher Profile:
Greetings. My name is Sue Song. This is my twentieth very enjoyable year at PVIS. I am a teacher with over 30 years of experience in high School, Intermediate School, and Adult Education. My present assignment at PVIS is teaching 6th Grade Science.
Educational Philosophy:
I believe that every student is an individual and has the right to receive an education in a safe and healthy environment. Along with academic pursuits, students should be taught to respect themselves, others, public and private property. I feel a large part of a student's education is to learn responsibility, organization, and accountability. Students must be aware that there are consequences for these decisions. If they make the proper decisions, then they will meet with rewards. They must also understand that if they make unwise choices, they must endure the consequences of their decisions. In order for a student to be successful, the teacher, parents, and community require a coordinated effort and we must concentrate our full effort to help the student have a successful year. 


Metric Squares

Print out the 3 sheets of the papers and follow the direction on the sheet that has top right "More Metrics"
After the cut out, 1st row should be white, 2nd roll should be gray, and 3rd roll should be black.
When you read across, it should make sense.
Email me the sheet to [email protected].
1st: cut 2nd sheet into squares.
2nd Put them into 3 piles: Volume, Mass, and Length.
3rd: Paste the white color square in the first column of Page 3 but make sure that is Under the correct Labels.
4th: Take the gray square and see if it fits into the 2nd column. Don't past yet.
5th: Take the black square and see if it fits next to the gray squares so it should be in the 3rd column.
For example on the 1st Sheet the first statement:
One liter (white square) is as much as 3 cans of pop (gray square) and equals 1000 ML. (black square).
Or go to the 1st sheet and use a pencil or a pen to fill out the missing part before you paste.
When you read across, it should make sense.