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Guidance » PVIS Counseling Program

PVIS Counseling Program

Janine Mc Kenna -- School Counselor (Student's Last Name A - K)
Phone: 544-4816 ext. 219
Mariano Sanz --  School Counselor (Student's Last Name L - Z)
Phone: 544-4816 ext. 204

Students should self-advocate and see the counselor when they feel they have a need. Our Counselor deals with academic success, schedules, class waivers, self-concept, peer interactions, and campus behavior.

Student Success

The school provides the environment for learning; the student is responsible to learn. Student success does not mean all "A's" on the report card.

Key ingredients for student success are:

1. Homework is completed every night.
2. The student understands how to study.
3. The child has enough sleep and proper nutrition.
4. The home life has consistency, love and nurturing.
5. Parents are aware of students' responsibilities through the school Agenda Book and step in when necessary.

Self-Concept, Campus Behavior and Peer Interaction

These are the areas that counselors work on everyday with every student whether it is on campus, at lunch or in their offices. If a parents or student feels that these are areas
of concern, please call us.

Schedule Changes

Students are often interested in changing their schedule for two reasons:

1. They want to be with their friends.
2. They want to be with a certain teacher.

It's important for parents and students to remember that these two reasons are not how schedules are made. Always look at your child's schedule and first find how many classes they have that have "the certain teacher" and have friends in class. Always remain on the positive of what the current schedule is rather than saying changing the schedule will change the child.