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Welcome to Health 7 and PE 6.


Disease #2

This is the same assignment as the previous, just the topic in now a non infectious disease. Due zero Mon. 6/1 4&5 Tues. 6/2

Disease #1

2 paragraphs
What is the difference between infectious and non infectious disease?
What is a pathogen? Describe each one.
Extra credit 1 point Describe what a prion is.
Due 5-25 zero 5/26 4&5

Current Health #1

Please choose one article from this website 
Choose Trending Topics 
Select one article to read
Write 2 para. (5-7 sentences each)
Title is Current Health #1
Due Mon. 5/19 (zero) and 5/20 ( per.4-5)
10  points

extra credit 5 points

Hi everyone, here is an extra credit opportunity for you, worth 5 extra credit points.
Visit Mrs. Janine McKenna's edlio page and click on Music Notes Assembly
View the presentation and complete the worksheet, turn into me by Monday May 25th.

vaping worksheets

print out the lesson and activity worksheets there are 3, send them to me Mon. (zero) or Tues. (4-5) 

teams meetings

Teams meetings are:
per.0  Mon. Wed. 8:30am
per. 1 Mon. and Wed. at 9:00am
per. 2 Mon. and Wed. at 11:00am
per. 4 Tues. and Thurs. at 9:00am
per. 5 Tues. and Thurs. 11:00am

Dangers of Vaping

 In the search bar type in  Scholastic the real dangers of vaping, next choose teen vaping site
watch all videos
complete digital activity
read the articles
read additional resources (optional)

teams meetings

Hi! Today only Monday 5/4,periods 1-2  we will not meet in teams. I'll see you again on Wed.

teams meetings

Hi everyone! Starting next week May 4th it will be mandatory to join a teams meeting, it will be the start of week #7.  I will begin giving points for joining.
Points as follows:
on time (7 minute tardy from beginning of class)= 2 points
tardy after 7 minutes from start time= 1 points
no show during entire meeting= 0 points