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PVCM 6 Accelerated, PVCM 6, and Intro to STEM

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What is the difference between accelerated and regular math?
The accelerated student uses the same textbook as the regular math student, but experiences a differentiated curriculum that includes an accelerated pace which allows for a wider range and greater depth and complexity of subject matter. The curriculum is rigorous and stresses concept development and places an emphasis on critical thinking.


Typical characteristics of successful students in the accelerated math program include:

  • Mastery of basic arithmetic skills
  • Maturity
  • Ability to problem solve – showing persistence in solving difficult problems
  • Good number sense
  • Reads and follows directions
  • Good attendance

Recent Posts

Testing Information

PVIS will be taking the CAASPP tests during the weeks of May 7 and May 14th. The school will be testing Language Arts the first week and Math the second week. We will be on a block schedule for Tuesday through Friday for both weeks. Monday’s schedule will not change. Periods 1-3 will meet for 2 hour blocks on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Periods 4-6 will meet for 2 hour blocks on Wednesdays and Fridays.

     Tue/Thurs                        Wed/Fri
     Period 1    8:15 – 10:10   Period 4
     Period 2  10-15 – 12:20   Period 5
     Period 3    1:05 – 3:00     Period 6

You can access the practice test at the site listed below. Sign in as “guest,” choose California, and choose the correct grade level. I recommend that the students try the “pink” and “purple” tests.
     Practice Tests

October 26, 2017

The PVIS Disaster Drill has recently been rescheduled for Monday, November 20, 2017. This is the same day I had the 1st Trimester Replacement Test scheduled for. The morning classes have all been shortened. For instance, Period 1 will only be 35 minutes and end at 8:50. In light of this, the Replacement Test has to be moved to the previous Friday, November 17th. Please mark your calendar. To find out more about the Replacement Test go to the FAQ page on my website.

Starting Tuesday, October 17, the classroom will be open most Tuesdays through Thursdays from 3:10 to 4:00. This is a great time for students to work on the math homework with a friend or two. I have textbooks in the room. I will be in the room and able to help out when students get stuck on the homework. This time is not one-on-one tutoring. There will be times that I need to leave school early and the room will be closed. I will try my best to let students know ahead of time.

Parents and Students: The math teachers at PVIS agreed to post grades and homework as of this week.

You are now able to see homework assignments on my website: Homework is usually posted on Friday evening for the entire following week. These assignments have been posted on my homework board all trimester and should be in your agenda book too. If there is a discrepancy on posted homework, the classroom homework board will be followed.

Math Grades are on Aeries. Students and parents can access the Aeries portal at: . The posted test grades should match the grades on the Parent Signature Sheet that students have been using all trimester. The homework grade should correspond to the grade on the Assignment Sheet that students have been keeping up to date. Homework grades are updated approximately every two weeks.


Bring a pencil and red pen to class everyday.
Supplies needed by Friday, September 1: Pencils, eraser, red pen, math spiral notebook, scientific calculator, and agenda book.
Picture Day is Friday, September 1.
Qualifying Test for Math Club will be Tuesday, September 5 from 3:05 - 4:10 in Room 802. This qualifying test is only offered once a year. You need to bring a pencil with an eraser. Math Club meets on Tuesdays after school for an hour. Students who qualify for Math Club will need to attend regularly and complete all Math Club assignments. This competitive team competes in five state/national math competitions and the PVPUSD Math Field Day. Space is limited!