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Welcome to Mr. Fajardo's Math Web Page

I'm happy to announce that I am back on my web page.  I would like to apologize for the inconvenience.  For those parents that are new this year, I use my webpage to communicate with the parents and students regarding any news, test dates, homework assignments for the class.  I also like to update you with any news going on in school as well.  After the winter break, I will begin posting my homework assignments daily.  I hope you find this helpful.  Thank you and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Recent Posts

Spring Break

Next week is Spring Break.  I want to wish all of the families an enjoyable break.  Take this time to enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Homework Postings

Starting today, I will start posting the homework assignment daily.  I will also start posting any news on the class, so both students and parents are informed of what's going on in class.  I hope you find this helpful.  


Did you know, your child will use a Chromebook in my class to do various homework and classwork assignments?  Two years ago, we began our textbook adoption with Big Ideas Math, which is not only our textbook, but is an online math source with a ton of resources for the students to help them in math.  The students and parents can also access the textbook online, which helps the burden of carrying a textbook everywhere they go.  When I have access to the Chromebooks, the students love logging on the computer and surfing our math website.  It's a nice change of pace from a regular textbook assignments.  I realize it's a crazy time of year for a fundraiser, however your child will directly benefit by having a Chromebook in my class.  I hope you can help.