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Technical difficulty

Mrs. Barnard (Mrs. B.) Is experiencing technical difficulty that prevents her from personally emailing her students. As soon as technical problems are corrected, she will happily send a greeting.

Jun1 -11

Here it is:  The last two weeks of school.  Please be sure to read my "Goodbye letter" to you posted on this webpage--scroll down.

So here it is:  All of the versions of Monday, Monday that I could find.

Important Due/Test Dates


May 19th: Ch.4-6 The Outsiders Test --StudySync "Online Assessments"

May 21st:  Hair Poem Due - Submit through StudySync

                  Ch. 7-9 The Outsiders Test-- StudySync "Online Assessments"

May 26th: Animal Poem Due - Submit through StudySync

May 28th: Book Review Due - Submit through StudySync

May 28th: Ch. 10-12 The Outsiders Test -- StudySync "Online Assessments"

June 2nd: Final Exam The Outsiders-- StudySync "Online Assessments"

June 4th: Bio Poem Due

May 18th -May 29th assignments & Tests

LA 7 Assignments/Assessments   Mrs. B. 

May 18-29, 2020 

Monday, May 18th: 

CC: raise/rise 

Ch. 7 The Outsiders 

Begin “Hair Poem”  Due May 21st    On StudySync 


Tuesday, May 19th: 

CC: respectfully/respectively 

Ch. 4-6 Test The Outsiders 

Read Ch. 8 The Outsiders 

Continue Hair Poem ‘’Due May 21st. 


Wednesday, May 20th: 

CC: quiet/quite 

Read Ch. 9 The Outsiders 

Begin “Animal Poem”   on StudySyn:  Due May 26th   


Thursday, May 21st: 

Submit StudySync “Hair Poem” and do peer reviews.   

Ch. 7-9 Test The Outsiders 

Read Chapter 10 The Outsiders 

Begin StudySync Book Review: Due May 28th 


Friday, May 22nd: Minimum Day 

Read the poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay”  On PVIS webpage/Edlio 

StudySync Writing Assignment for “Nothing Gold Can Stay” 

Complete Peer Reviews of “hair poem” 


LA 7 Assignments/Assessments   Mrs. B. 

May 18-29, 2020 Continued 




Monday, May 25th  No School: Memorial Day 


Tuesday, May 26th: 

CC: sit/set 

Submit StudySync  “Animal Poem” and do peer reviews. 

StudySync “Rest in Peace Doc: Dying Young as a Greaser” 

Continue to work StudySync Book Review: Due May 28th 

Chapter 11 The Outsiders 

Wednesday, May 27th: 

CC: than/then 

Complete peer reviews of “animal poem” 

Continue StudySync Book Review: Due May 28th 

Chapter 12 The Outsiders 

Thursday, May 28th: 

CC: there, their, they’re 

Submit StudySync Book Review and do peer reviews 

Ch. 10-12 Test The Outsiders 


Friday, May 29th: 

CC: to, too, two 

Complete peer reviews of Book Review 


LA 7 Assignments/Assessments   Mrs. B. 

June 1-11, 2020 

Monday, June 1st 

CC: who/whom 

Begin StudySync Bio Poem – Due June 4th 

Review Chapter tests in preparation for the final on The Outsiders 

Watch youtube on S E Hinton: 


Tuesday, June 2nd 

CC: who’s/whose 

StudySync Online Assessment: Outsiders Final 

Continue StudySync Bio Poem – Due June 4th 

Wednesday, June 3rd 

CC: your/you’re  

The Outsiders movie (1st half) 

Thursday, June 4th 

CC: Using  Academic Language 

Submit StudySync Bio Poem 

The Outsiders movie (2nd half) 


Friday, June 5th 

Spotlight: Connotation/denotation 

Read letter FROM Mrs. B. 

Submit StudySync: Letter FROM YOU to  Mrs. B.