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Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th are minimum days.  School is dismissed at 12:15.  On Wednesday, Periods 1, 2 and 3 will meet and on Thursday, Periods 4, 5, and 6 will meet.

News & Announcements

Pennies for Patients

Please donate to Pennies for Patients all next week, December 10th through December 14th. Locate your 4th period classroom teacher and donate to his/her classroom page. The class with the most online donations will win a movie and pizza party during their 4th period class! Click on "Pennies for Patients" above to be directed to the donation page. Thank you!
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10 Days of PVIS Kindness Challenge

Our 10 Days of Kindness Challenge starts on December 10th and runs through December 21st. Complete the attached form by December 21st and turn it into your 4th period teacher. Students who complete the form by December 21st will receive a treat for their acts of kindness! Click on "10 Days of PVIS Kindness Challenge" above to open the form.
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New Doc Corner


UNDERSTANDING AND PREVENTING ADOLESCENT SUICIDE: PART I. Adolescent suicide has become a national health crisis. Although it is difficult to talk about, and most of us would like to act like it doesn’t exist, knowing some of the causes, risk factors, and ways to get help can save tremendous distress, and even lives. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports that it is the second leading cause of death among youth, ages 15-19. In 2016, 2,061 adolescent suicide deaths were reported, accounting for 18% of all reported deaths in this age group. Males are much more likely to die by suicide, by almost three times as much as females. While females have higher incidence of suicidal ideation and behavior, males are more likely to carry out the acts. Almost 20% of teenagers have contemplated suicide in the last year. The causes and risk factors of suicidal thoughts and behaviors are a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. Mental health issues are clearly related to such thoughts. 20% of youth have a significant mental health issue, including depression and bipolar disorder which are most commonly associated with suicidal threat. Other psychological disorders are also related, including anxiety, conduct disorders, substance abuse, post traumatic stress, and eating disorders. When these problems are combined with external circumstances for teens, they often feel overwhelmed. Interpersonal losses, disciplinary problems, school failures, conflicts with peers, and bullying can lead to a sense of hopelessness. Adverse Childhood Events (ACE) and significant and serious family issues, like physical and sexual abuse, are high risk factors. Children who have gender identity or sexual identity conflicts are at high risk, with LBGT adolescents having the highest rates of suicidal ideation. Suicide is a relatively rare event, and difficult to predict, but there are some warning signs. As listed by the American Psychological Association, these include::
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New Doc's Corner!

THE IMPORTANCE OF VALIDATING FEELINGS. Every parent knows the value of communication with their children. It is probably the most sought after goal, and desire. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal cited research indicating that when communication breaks down, the mental health of adolescents suffer. The article quotes that “teens who disclose their daily activities and inner feelings to a parent tend to have lower levels of anxiety and depression and are less likely to engage in risky behaviors”. While seemingly obvious, why is it that the barriers to communication are often great? One study asked teenagers “who would you most like to talk to about problems” and the overwhelming majority answered an understanding adult. However, when asked “ who DO you talk to about problems”, the majority answered a friend/another teen
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Jazz Band Performances!!!

The Jazz Band will play one night only, Dec. 7th and the Choir will have 3 performances starting Friday, Dec. 7th thru Saturday, Dec 8th.

The Jazz Band will perform their Winter Concert, one night only, Friday, Dec. 7th at the Kelly Johnson Fieldhouse located at Peninsula High School. Tickets will be sold at the door the night of the concert, $5.00 for students and $10.00 for adults.

PVPHS Choir will present their Winter Concert on Friday and Saturday. Pre-sale tickets available at PVPHSChoirTix
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Girls Tryout for the 2019 Club season

Tryouts: November 25, 2018
4:00pm- 4:30pm at
Palos Verdes High School Gymnasium

Surfside has club teams for girls of all ages and all levels of play: Beginners through Advanced

Surfside teams offer an excellent opportunity for girls to learn the great game of volleyball. If you missed the first tryout, it’s not too late! Come learn to play!
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Jr Panther Spirit Clinic Basketball Season

All interested children in grades K-8th are invited to train with our Peninsula High School Pep Squad in a 1 day training workshop and perform at the Varsity Girls Basketball Halftime!

Workshop Training Date: Thursday January 17th, 2019

Time: 4-6:30pm

Location: Fieldhouse (behind the Baseball and Football fields)

What to wear: Athletic attire, closed toed shoes, light jacket, water.

Halftime Performance: Tuesday January 22nd Gametime- 6pm

**Day after MLK holiday**
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Parental concern about drug use is almost universal, and the topic of whether or not to drug test one’s own child is a consuming dilemma. Parents major concerns regarding drug testing include lack of knowledge about what is available, what to do if the tests are positive, and most importantly, how does drug testing interfere with the relationship, and the strong desire to maintain trust. The other concern I hear most often is what should the timing of drug testing be, ie, is it done after one suspects a problem, or is it a preventative measure? Although opinions vary, I believe drug testing is a valuable tool for many reasons. Urine drug testing kits are readily available in your pharmacy, or on the internet. Most of these test for a panel of drugs, including alcohol, marijuana, opiates, benzodiazepenes, cocaine. Many of the synthetic and club drugs will not show up, and require sophisticated, and expensive testing. I recommend testing because it goes a long way to removing questions or doubts, and if test results are negative, a parent can much more easily dispense with their suspicions, and probing questions. One of the main benefits of drug testing is that it provides a reasonable and built in excuse for your child to refuse temptation or peer pressure to use, and saying “no, I can’t, my parents will test me when I get home” is clearly understood. If framed in a positive manner, ie, “I just want to do this so we can get this concern out of the way and not be bothered by it”, most kids will not protest too much. If a request produces great anger, resentment, and refusal, that may be a sign that there is something to hi
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