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PVIS Chuck Miller Grant Award Winners! Thank you PEF!

Please say Congratulations the next time you see them on campus!

From Scott Garman, STEM and Science Teacher

PocketLab Sensors

PocketLab Sensors connect via Bluetooth to phones and tablets allowing students to perform over 90 different experiments. These sensors will support the transition to NGSS (next generation science standards) in all our science classes and will be a valuable addition to our STEM curriculum.

Schlieren is Believin’

Schlieren (shleer-uh n) Imaging uses refraction to make the invisible visible.  Differences in density due to pressure, composition, and temperature cause light to bend (refraction). We can use this refraction and the precise positioning of imaging components to see the movement of air, the mixing of gases, and temperature gradation. 


From Mr. Hay, STEM and Math Teacher

Circuit Maker:  The ultimate smart cutting machine

 Computer controlled paper, fabric, cardboard, balsawood cutter for Engineering, Art, Math, and Science. 

From Ms. Sander, Science Teacher

Gases for My Classes and the Sensors Needed to Measure Them

Carbon dioxide and oxygen sensors measure gases that students can't see to make the photosynthesis and cellular respiration processes visible through quantitative data collection. This will help students improve upon their science and engineering practices.