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Adventure Day for 7th grade is coming!

A flyer with a permission slip was sent home with all 7th-grade students today.  This Adventure Day activity will take place on Wednesday, September 20th.  A description of the day is outlined below.  
All students should report to their first-period class for attendance and then they will be escorted to the MPR. Students will be engaged in activities all day and will not be attending regular classes.  Pizza lunch will be provided to all students.  Please have your student bring water for that day.   
Any student not participating will work in the library for the day.  
Thank you to PTSA for supporting this day for our students!
Overview: Using Joseph Campbell's arc of the hero's journey, the 7th grade Adventure Day reminds each 7th-grade student that they are the hero of their own story. The Hero's journey is a pattern found in every tale ever told. It begins with a character leaving home as they are "called to adventure.'' After facing resistance and challenges, these characters often find mentors, allies, and support along the way. Eventually, the Hero returns
home with 'treasure" in the form of learning, transformation or anything else that leads them to better themselves or the community to which they return.

Adventure Day: Modeling a similar Arc of the Hero's journey, students will start in the MPRfor their "Call to Adventure" which consists of an introduction to the Hero's Journey and a fun event to kick off! Students travel in groups of 20 through three challenges. These stations are high energy and enjoyable. More importantly, the challenges align with three themes: Creative Collaboration, Teambuilding, and Inclusivity. No matter the level
of success, the challenges lead to reflection and discussion where students identify opportunities to work together, share ideas, communicate effectively and be inclusive. Ultimately, students return to the MPR with "treasure"(a Fulcrum bracelet) that represents their transformation or awareness for the day.

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