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Principal's Update November 28, 2020

Sea Kings Families,
In light of the 'thankful season', I started an informal gratitude campaign this month on my social media and left it open to anyone and anything our community members wanted to share. Initially, the messages that came hthrough were focused on the wonderful teachers that we have at PVIS, then students spontaneously started to thank their parents and their friends. The messages to parents and friends were truly heartwarming, the most pure and sincere expressions of gratitude I could have hoped for.
Gratitude and the expression of it, is said to directly improve one's physical and mental health, sustain personal relationships, and foster mutual trust and loyalty.  Check out this great read on the power of gratitude
Here are just a few recent posts of gratitude we received (we will continue with our daily gratitude reflections and invite you to share your gratitude with this link): 
"I am grateful because all of my teachers are nice and caring. They are all so funny. And I am really happy that they are my teachers." -Anonymous
"Mr. Farrell.Your leadership, kindness, and compassion have been essential to figuring out how to navigate these uncharted waters and to keeping perspective during these incredibly challenging times. I am so very grateful that you came to PVIS when you did - we are truly blessed to have you! Thank you!!" -Anonymous
"Ms. Teresa is so nice and I enjoyed being on campus and talking to her she made my day a lot better seeing her and always was so nice and funny." Maddie G
"Mrs. Kier. Thank you for always being so kind and chill. You're one of the best teachers I've ever had" -Anonymous
"Mrs. McKenna and The PVIS Spark Plugs. I know the Spark Club has just begun, but I’m thankful for Mrs. McKenna and the Spark Club members who continue to show up to be a part of something great. It’s nice to see smiling faces and work together to promote kindness and respect. Stay tuned PVIS... great things are happening. #bekind" -Mrs. Lehault
"I am really thankful for my mom because she is an single parent but she is always there to help me." - Anonymous
"Mrs. Lehault. Encouraging us ALL to BE KIND💕" -Anonymous
"Mr. Barks.Thank you for making social studies one of my favorite classes this year. It is a class I look forward to every day. You have made it a funny and educational class all in one. Thank you again!" -Anonymous
"Professora Brundidge. Thank you for making my first year of Spanish so great! I really appreciate all the tips and tricks you give everyone to help us succeed. I was very nervous when I chose to do Spanish as my elective but you have made it fun and made me feel like I have made the right choice. You are an amazing teacher!" - Anonymous
"Mr. Hay.Thank you for making math fun. Usually I'm not the best with math but I feel like I'm really learning stuff in your class. Thank you!" -Anonymous
"Max. Thank you for being an amazing friend." -Tanner
"My mom. Thank you for being my mother!!! you've helped me and my brothers even when we were having bad times and I love you SO MUCH. and I cant even imagine a greater mom taking care of three boy's. its crazy on how much hard work and dedication you put in for us xoxo, plus you make some excellent food!!." - Noah W. 
"I am grateful for Malia because she is always kind to me and she never leaves me out." -Amelia C.
"Mrs. McMahon. Thank you for always making me feel happy whenever going in to your class, and for always looking out for others!" - Olivia J. 
"Mr. Garman. I am grateful for you because your class is always the class that lifts me up and I have fun in. I love learning more about science!" - Nick H. 
"Ms. Wakida. She made things very fun and interesting! Last year in my old school my L.A class wasn't really fun but this year it was so much fun. Ms. Wakida was the first friend I made in school this year, even though she was a teacher." - Julien Z. 
"Ms. Smith.Wow, we are so grateful for Stacie Smith and her “all in” commitment to helping PVIS students reach their potential. Her positive attitude is infectious and definitely a welcome attitude adjuster for me and my kids especially, if it’s “one of those school days.” When you are lucky enough to get a call from her .... It always seems to be magically just when you really need it. Thank you Stacie!!!" -Anonymous
"Ms. O. We appreciate all your hard work to keep us entertained and musically inclined. You are so funny and nice!" -Anonymous
"Mr. Kochakji. Thank you! I used to dread social studies and you made it fun. You made all the kids excited to go to your class:) keep teaching the way you are cause your excellent at it😀" -Anonymous
"Ms. Song. Thank you for keeping class short and sweet!" - Anonymous
"All of my teachers. They have all been very helpful and supportive during this different time at school. They all try to make class fun even though it's all on screen." -Anonymous
In closing, I know virtual learning has not been ideal and we are rightfully concerned about student wellbeing and academic progress. We all want nothing more than to be back on campus as soon as possible, in the meantime I ask our PVIS community to FOCUS ON EACH OTHER, and do your part to slow the spread- wear a mask, social distance, limit gatherings-even with the holiday season now in full swing, and reconsider travel plans. I know we can do this, and I am thankful to be a part of a community and culture that is capable of accomplishing great things when we work together!
Thank you to our PTSA and Booster Club for your continued support of our students, staff, and school. Please join me in supporting our Booster Club this week by ordering Good Stuff for dinner on Wednesday (more info below in News and Alerts). 

Be Well & Practice Daily Gratitude.. 
Micah J. Farrell 
Proud Principal of PVIS 
Go Sea Kings! 
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First Trimester Grade Reports Will Be Available
Dec 9th. CLICK HERE to learn how to access report. 

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“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful
things humans can do for each other.”

Randy Pausch

Showing gratitude improves your overall mental health and mood. People who regularly express gratitude for the positive things in their life are shown to be happier overall, leading to lower rates of stress and depression. Showing gratitude can make you more optimistic, and celebrating more of what we are doing right, will help all of us move forward stronger.
CLICK HERE to acknowledge someone in our PVIS community that you would like to recognize. We will feature these comments on our website, and social media pages. We will continue this all year long! 


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