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Written Show Reflection (class work 5/25)

Show Reflection
Write a paragraph answering the following three questions.  Please use complete sentences and write a minimum of six sentences.
1.  How did you show “integrity” for what you learned in dance this year concerning your dance technique and artistic performance.  
2.  What was your favorite performance, either entire show or dance number, why?
3.  What would you change about your performance experience, why?

Choreography Vocabulary

Choreography Research due Friday, April 13
1.  List dance name and choreographer
2.  Where did you find dance  i.e. youtube address or dvd name
3.  List choreography element used from choreo vocab list
4.  List 10 dance steps you recognized
5.  Write a paragraph (minimum of 4 complete sentences) of how this will   influence your choreography