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PVC Math 6

Alisa Olarte

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Agenda Jan. 8 - Jan. 12 2018

Monday : #47  pg. 214-215 4-10 even, 11,14,15(homework)
Tuesday:  Workbook pg. 112 1-7 all(classwork) 
Wednesday:  #48 Review worksheet 5.1-5.4(homework)
Thursday: Study  review notes 5.1-5.4, review assignments #40-48, odd problems from sections 5.1-5.4(answers in the back)  Know Unit rates, rates have two units, use ratio tables, double number lines, and tape diagrams, equivalent rates and ratios(remember they are like fractions), better buy, better gas mileage, and comparing rates(which has more per one unit). At lunch there will be a review session.  
Friday:  Extra Credit due and Quiz 5.1-5.4 (50 points)

Wed. Nov. 1, 2017 assignment

#26  pgs. 89-91   18,22,26,34,38,46,52,54, 66 is for a raffle ticket must show all work

Assignment #22 due 10/24

#22  pg. 74 2-20 even.  If you are unsure about 4, I will go over tomorrow before correcting and stamping.

Homework #20 pgs. 60-61 26-52even, 58

Problems 48,50,and 52 are very hard.  You can leave them to do in class tomorrow.  Also Problem 59 is extra and worth a raffle ticket.