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Social Studies 6

Mrs. Scott
Social Studies

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Ch11 & 12 Study guide075

Mon- in class we did the timeline for Ch 12 in our spirals pg 102, we read Ch 12 sec 1 and answered the questions at the end 1AB, 2AB, 3 AB & 4 in our spirals pg 103.
Tues- Periods 1, 2, 3 -We read about Augustus & wrote out the info from text pg 357 in our spirals pg 104.  We read sec. 2 Ch 12 & answered the questions in our spiral pg 105.  We took notes on Julius Caesar and put them in our spiral pg 106
Wed-  Period 5 same thing as yesterday.
Thurs- Periods 1,2, 3 Study guide is attached, print it out & start it. Making pizza/ reading section 3 Ch 12 & answering ?'s
Fri- Period 5 samething as yesterday

Homework for week of May 7

Mon- we read Ch 11 sec 3 in class.  Went over the rules about cooking.  For the students who signed up to bring items, please make sure to drop them off to my classroom first thing tomorrow morning.
Tues- Block Schedule Periods 1,2 & 3 only.  Do questions for sec 3 Ch 11 & draw the Forum from text pg 336-337.  Must draw 1 person w/typical Roman attire, & include the 5 bubbles of information along with the building that they are explaining. Must have color.
Wed- Block Schedule Periods 4,5 & 6 only.  See above (Tues)
Thurs- Block Schedule periods 1,2, & 3  other half of the class does what we did on Tues.
Fri- Block Schedule  periods 4,5, & 6 other half of the class does what we did on Wed.

ch 11 Roman Map

Mon- we did the Map of Rome today in class, due Wed. Wear your PJ's tomorrow.
Tue- We did our Ch 11 timeline pg 320-321 in our spiral pg 96, we also read sec 1 of Ch 11 today in class, & did ?'s 1-27 in our sprial pg 97.  Map due tomorrow.  Wear your crazy mismatched clothes tomorrow.
Wed-  took notes on Rome the Ancient Super Power.  No homework.  Wear  sports attire tomorrow.
Thurs- We read sec 2 of Ch 11 today in class and did our sec 2 ?'s.  No homeowork.  The Scholar Quiz is in the MPR today at lunch.  Wear Star Wars' attire tomrrow.

Fri- Have a great weekend.

the importance of trade handout questions ch 10

Mon- In class: read sec 4 of Ch 10 & did ?'s from handout, colored Parthenon.                      Ch  9/10 Test on Thurs.
Tues- In Class: Reviewed study guide & did The Importance of Trade handout.                 Do the Activity at home - see attached due Friday.  Spiral notebook                     check Friday.  see attachment Spiral check April 27.
Wed-  Study for test tomorrow
Thurs - 0 - remember spirals due tomorrow.
Fri- Have a great weekend. 

Week of April 16

Mon- Battle of Thermopylae finish notes in class & glue in spiral pg 87
Tues- Doing sec 2 ?'s for Ch 10 in class, finish ?'s in class
Wed- 0 - Enjoy family night
Thurs- Test is next Thurs 4/26.  Work on study guide.
Fri- have a great weekend.

week of April 9

Mon - 0
Tues- Class work: Ch 10 timeline spiral pg 83, Ch 10 Sec 1 ?'s spiral pg 84 finsh for homework
Wed- Class work: Sparta vs Athens Venn diagram Spiral pg 85 Sec 2 outline 
Thurs- Class work: Finish Sec 2 ?'s & Sparta vs Athens Handout- 0 Homework
Fri- have a great weekend.

week of March 26

Mon- group project on Greek Gods due today at end of class.
Tues- Presenting projects. No homework
Wed- Presenting projects.  No homework
Thurs -0
Fri- Mini Day out at 12:15, don't forget to bring a snack. Have a great Spring Break, see you in a week :)

homework week of March 19

Monday- We have a spiral check this Friday- thru page 81.
Tues- In class we are reading Ch 9 Sec 3 & answering ?'s in spiral pg 81, if not done finish for homework.
Wed- in class starting Greek God's project- due on Monday
Thurs- spiral check tomorrow.
Fri- Have a great weekend.

Ch 9 Greece Map

Mon- In class, we went over the answers to Greece Imax handout- glue in spiral pg 74.  We did the Map of Greece due tomorrow
Tues- In class: write the Ch 9 timeline pg 76 in spiral, Minoans Vs Myceneans Venn diagram spiral pg 77.  Read Sec 1 pgs 254- 259
Wed- 0
Thurs- In class: Reading sec 2 pgs 260-267.  Write quick facts spiral pg 78
Fri - have a great weekend.