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Language Arts 7

Mrs. Rebecca Egan
Language Arts

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3rd (and last) Book Club meeting--please finish book by this date. Complete Double-Entry Journal and (1) Role.


Group research project/presentations due today!


Portfolios due

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5/17 & 5/18

1. Work on group research projects and submit SS assignment: Extended Writing Project: Prewrite
2. Review lessons 38-39 and complete lessons 40 & 41 (#'s 1-20)
3. Work on Book Club #2 assignments and reading.
4. SS Lessons: Extended Writing Project: Grade 7 & Research -Note-Taking
HW: Finish Book Club #2 assignments and finish your Book Club book for Monday 5/21.
HW-Finish all SS assignments by Tuesday 5/22

5/15 & 5/16

1. Grammar Unit 6: Lessons 38 & 39 (#'s 1-20)
2. Writing reflection on Informative Essay (put in portfolio)-5 Q's
3.  Naviance lesson by Mr. Sanz
4. Introduce Group Research Project "Why Can't We Get Along?"
   --presentation due Tuesday, May 29


1. Book Club #1 assignments due.
2. Work on reading and assignments from Book Club #2--Double-Entry journal and "Role" due next Monday 5/21.
HW-Finish Book Club #2 assignments


1. Met for Book Club #1 and reviewed assignment. Must complete Double-Entry journal along with (1) chosen Role by Monday, May 14. See Assignments for ALL pdfs of the above.
HW-Get some rest and bring your Book Club book to class all week!


1. Outsiders test today.
2. Complete SS lessons on Adjectives, Adj (Articles) and Adj (Demonstrative)-make 3 annotations and take Your Turns.
3. Take practice test for CAASPP.
HW: Notebook check tomorrow


1. Review for Outsiders test (study guides, final review sheet).
2. Practice for CAASP testing.
HW: Study for final Outsiders test tomorrow (remember vocab words from Ch. 7-12) & Notebook Check on Friday


1. Notes on Ch. 10-11 of Outsiders.
2. Review notebook entries (list on board)--due Friday.
3. Worked on Final Test review sheet-due tomorrow.
4. Wrote writing response to "Conflict" in Outsiders (self, society, other characters, and nature)
HW: Study for final test (and vocab words in packet Ch. 7-12) on Thursday 5/3


1. Peer review RIP Doc--make 2 revisions and print out copy for portfolio-due tomorrow.
2. Advice writing assignment in class.
3. One Page writing assignment in class.
HW: Read Ch. 10-12 and work on study guide (due Weds)
        Print out revised RIP Doc writing assignment and bring to class


1. Lecture notes on chapters 1-6 in Outsiders.
2. Reviewed Close Read Q's and Discussion Prompts Ch. 1-6.
HW: Study for vocab quiz tomorrow & read Chapters 7-9 (reading is due Friday)


1. Graded Adverb/Adjective lessons.
2. Graded StudySync Notebook.
3. Collected "The Teacher Who Changed My Life" Annotations & Focus Q's.
4. Completed Blast, Skill Lesson: Dramatic Elements & Theme in SS (3 annotations and YT).
No HW!


1. Correct Lessons 31-32 grammar.
2. Review Teacher Who Changed Me...writing prompt and gave feedback.
3. Revised writing prompt and made (2) changes to the paragraph--please print out and bring to class tomorrow.
HW: Outsiders Study Guide Ch. 1-4 and reading due tomorrow
         Print out revised writing prompt and turn in tomorrow


1. Review Close Read Q's as class.
2. Assign writing prompt response for Teacher Who Changed...see Close Read in SS for actual assignment. Due tomorrow-please submit and complete Peer Reviews.
3. Work on Lessons 33-34 #1-10  for each exercise.
4. Show movie trailer for The Outsiders and read Rolling Stone article to class.
HW: Read Chapter 3 Outsiders and work on study guide.
        Finish writing response assingment
        Finish grammar lessons 33-34


1. Shared Level 1 annotations and Level 2 annotations in class.
2. Worked on Adjectives Lessons 31-32 (do # 1-10 for each exercise)
3. Passed out The Outsiders study guide.
4. Completed SS Skill Lesson: Informational Text Features (annotations & YT)
5. Work on Close Read Focus Q's #1-4 in SS workbook (page 393, use bottom of workbook to answer)
HW: Finish Focus Q's, read Ch. 2 Outsiders and complete Ch. 1-2 study guide CLOSE READ Q's and Discussion Prompts (one paragraph on separate sheet of paper.)


1. Check out The Outsiders from library: Chapters 1-4 due this Friday 4/13
2. Read The Teacher Who Changed my Life in SS hard copy version. Make Level 1 annotations in the margin (Connection, Opinion, and Drawing).
3. Complete Level 2 annotations using Annotation Guide passed out in class today. HW for tonight.
HW: Complete Level 1-2 annotations, complete SS Skill Lesson (Informational Text Features) and begin to read Outsiders.


1. SS lessons:
Adjectives lesson #1 (3 annotations and YT)
Adjectives lesson #2 (3 annotations and YT)
Adj. Articles lesson #3 (3 annotations and YT)
2. Complete Lesson 29 (pages 119-120) and Lesson 30 (pages 121-122)
#1-20 only in Adjectives/Adverb packet
HW--finish any incomplete assignments from class