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Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th are minimum days.  School is dismissed at 12:15.  On Wednesday, Periods 1, 2 and 3 will meet and on Thursday, Periods 4, 5, and 6 will meet.
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Greetings and Welcome!
Below, you will find homework, links, and helpful information. Be sure to check Aeries often and subscribe to my page to stay informed.
Homework will be posted by class under "Posts." Be sure to click on each "post" to expand and see all information.
Please check the whiteboard in the classroom for changes to homework. 


Recent Posts

Week 14

Week 14 2018
Finish Anne Frank Play
Start Book Thief
Chapter 6 Grammar
Boy in the Striped Pajamas
Introduce Project
Monday: Anne Frank Diary informational text elements and Anne Frank play Dramatic Elements due Wednesday
Wednesday: Do First Read “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” questions 1-3. Give 3 reviews. Do it early enough to get reviews.
Thursday: Do “Boy in the Striped Pajamas” Character and Point of View.

Week 6

Week 6 2018
Chapter 2 grammar
Roots 2
A Night to Remember
The Tell Tale Heart
Monday: Vocabulary 1 test tomorrow
Tuesday: Finish Monster and packet due Friday
Wednesday: Finish Monster due Friday
Thursday: 90 minute reading log due Friday
Getting ready for Socratic seminar

Week 5 2018

Week 5 2018
Sorry Wrong Number
Violence in the Movies
A Night to Remember
Roots 2
Ch 2 grammar
HW: Ch 2 packet pages and grammar test tomorrow
Food for Thought blast
Sorry Wrong Number
Violence in the Movies
A Night to Remember
Roots 2
Ch 2 grammar
HW: Monster pages 127-200 with questions due Friday
How They Saw It blast
Hw: Monster pages 127-200 with questions due Friday
HW: Monster pages 127-200 with questions due Friday. 120 minutes reading log due Friday
Vocabulary 1 Test Tuesday, 9/25

Week 4

Week 4 2018
Chapter 1 Spelling test
Roots 1 test
Chapter 2 grammar
HW: Final rewrite of personal narrative due Monday, 9/10
Spelling Unit 1 pkt due and quiz on Wednesday, 9/12
Crossword Puzzle and and roots quiz Thursday, 9/13
Thursday: Monster pages 89-126 and questions due tomorrow, 9/14. Reading log due tomorrow.
Chapter 2 grammar pkt and quiz on Tuesday, 9/18.

Week 2

Week 2 2018
8/27/18 Monday
Explain reading requirement. Pass out grammar pkt and reading sheet. Continue with beginning of studysync and personal narrative.
HW : Monster due Wednesday (we will get it from library), supplies due tomorrow, and signed policy sheet.
Tuesday, 8/28/18
Check supplies, signed sheet. Ch 1 grammar. Roots . Opener for Monsters. Pass out Monster pkt. Work on narrative. Choose one you remember well. Use Elizabeth’s sentence variety sheet. Go over rubric for personal narrative. Begin writing.
HW: Chapter 1 grammar quiz tomorrow and pkt due
Wednesday 8/29/18
Roots. Ch 1 Grammar
Hw: Ch 1 grammar packet due tomorrow and Ch 1 grammar quiz tomorrow.
Thursday, 8/30/18
Class work
Collect Pkt
Ch 1 Grammar quiz
Personal narrative conferences
Start to rewrite an engaging personal narrative
Ch 1 spelling pkt
Rubric for narrative
HW: Prologue of Monster pages 1-44 with questions completed due tomorrow
Signed reading logs due tomorrow.
Friday, 9/1
Check Monster work and ask question. Make a plot chart and check it
Memoir project- 6-wd memoir
Practice roots
Rewrite due Wednesday, 9/5, typed and double-spaced. 2nd rewrite due Thursday, 9/6
Spelling test Friday, 9/7
Crossword Puzzle and and roots quiz Tuesday 9/11
EXTRA CREDIT: Pet picture 5 pts with a full or empty Kleenex box- due Friday 9/7
Kleenex and notebook paper will be appreciated.