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Course Handbook

Intermediate School Program
The intermediate school program, comprised of grades six, seven, and eight, has been developed to meet the needs our students for the 21st century. The program is designed to provide a curriculum particularly appropriate to the eleven to fourteen-year-old student and to provide a gradual transition between the largely self-contained elementary classroom and the complete departmentalization of the high school.  Since the District’s unification in 1961, the intermediate program has been reviewed each year in an effort to improve course offerings and enhance instructional approaches for this age level student.
The staffs of the intermediate schools are dedicated to providing meaningful learning experiences for each student during this important three-year period.  All of the courses offered are aligned to the State Standards and the California Educational Code.  The standards are based on clear expectations for students and specify skills which all students are expected to master.  These standards form the basis for the instructional program and the measurement of student, classroom, school, and District performance.